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Metal guitar picks are known for having an extremely bright sound and for being super durable. They’re also known for wearing the guitar string faster than other types of picks. All and all, I’m a big fan and was fortunate enough to try a lot of them over the past few years, here are my rankings for the top metal guitar picks:

#1: Ohm Picks

Ohm Picks are made of titanium, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and even construction steel. They come in most regular shapes: Jazz III, Jazz III XL, Triangle, Flow, Mini Flow, and the Classic 351 (Regular), anywhere between 0.5mm to 3mm thick. Each pick cost $13, including shipping. We made a full review about these metal picks and they scored 8.6/10. You can read our full Ohm Picks review, and buy them directly from their Instagram profile

#2: T1 Picks

T1 Picks are made of stainless steel and come in 3 shapes: standard (“Guitar”), Jazz III (“Jazz”), and Bass (which is basically a bit bigger than the regular). A pack of three will cost you $13.99, which is really a bargain – and they offer a variety pack too. If you’re from the U.S, you can buy them from T1 Picks website, and if not, they are also available on Amazon.

#3: TeckPick by JimDunlop

TeckPick are usually the first metal guitar picks you’ll try. They are both cheap (about $24 for a pack of 12) and made by a well known manufacturer. They’re made from aluminum and copper. I tried the black aluminum about 2 years ago (and currently working on a proper review) but wasn’t a big fan. Even though they have opened my eyes to the world of metal guitar picks. They are not as bright as the others, and are extremely thin in comparison to the rest of the picks featured in this list (0.7mm), which is too thin for a metal pick in my opinion. If you’re new to metal picks, these are the ones you should look into. They are available from Amazon. Sad news are that they don’t offer a variety pack, so you might want to check at your local music store if they sell singles.

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