Dunlop Tortex Picks | UPDATED 2023 | A Complete Guide

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Most guitar players are constantly overlooking one of the most important aspects of their playing: the guitar pick. Considering their size and price, it is hard to accept that they affect the tone and playability of the instrument to such an extent. However, getting the right guitar pick is crucial because using the wrong pick can negatively impact your skill development. Today, you can find a wide variety of picks from different brands in varied choices of materials, thicknesses, and shapes. In this guide, we talk about the popular Dunlop Tortex picks and try to understand whether they are worth giving a try.

Dunlop Tortex Picks Review – UPDATED 2023

Dunlop Manufacturing is a musical accessories brand. They’ve been engaged in creating world-class gear for musicians for over five decades. The U.S – based manufacturer offers everything from picks and slides to fret wire, strings, and other parts and accessories. They specialize in guitar picks and have, over the years, introduced several series of plectra intended to cover the requirements of a wide range of players.

Dunlop’s Celluloid picks in classic shape deliver warm tones with a traditional feel perfect for single-note runs. This pick is known for its slim profile and narrow tip that facilitates easy maneuvering through fast passages. It is a great choice for those who want to experience old-school shredding. The Genuine Celluloid fingerpicks from Dunlop are another great option. They combine the brand’s craftsmanship with high-quality celluloid for a fuller tone and snappy attack.

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Tortex is the brand name for acetal-based plectrum designed to mimic the feel of a tortoiseshell pick. These picks were first released in 1981 as a high-end replacement to tortoiseshell. They offered an improved grip and a bright and snappy attack. They chose Delrin as the base material and applied some additional treatments to grant it some additional features. These features are what make Tortex one of the most successful pick lines of all time. This is what sets it apart from others, providing an aggressive attack and grip-enhancing tacky surface.

Dunlop Tortex Standard

Dunlop Tortex is a revolutionary pick series. One of the best-selling series from the brand that changed the world of guitar plectrums. Made in the USA, the Dunlop Tortex comes in a variety of shapes, designs, and thicknesses to suit varied applications and needs. This brand has grown into a globally-recognized product, with the biggest brands and artists using them for their regular practice and live performances. The distinct feature of Tortex is the ability to stay in the user’s hand to prevent dropping. 

Dunlop Tortex Standard picks are iconic. These picks provide minimum wear and optimum grip. They’re highly durable with the right amount of flexibility to give a snappy attack that is both crisp and bright. The universal appeal they have is due to their “signature” color-coded gauge system. This color-coding for thickness gives an easy way to compare different options while keeping the material the same.

The Tortex Standard makes an excellent first guitar plectrum as it is medium-gauge, durable, and inexpensive. It is made from treated Delrin dusted in chalk and comes in the standard shape. It comes in a variety of gauges ranging from 0.50mm to 1.14mm. This allows it to achieve the desired tone and playability, matching your style and project.

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Tortex Flex – A Complete Guide

The Flex Series is a variant of the famous Dunlop Tortex plectrum. Designed to combine the warmth and flexibility of nylon with the durability and memory of Tortex. These picks are available in standard and triangle shapes as well as gauge options ranging from 0.5mm to 1.14mm. This Dunlop guitar pick is aiming to compensate for the flexibility that Standard Delrin picks lack. Making them an ideal choice for strumming too. Flex’s version of the Jazz III is also my favorite alternative to Jazz III.

Dunlop Tortex Standard Plectrum

Dunlop Tortex Standard is a guitar pick millions of players and brands all over the world are using every day. These picks are made out of Delrin, a type of plastic made by DuPont known to produce a unique tone. When compared to some other materials, these picks have a distinct texture that feels powdery. This is improving the grip on the fingers and the friction against the strings.

The Tortex Standard line of guitar picks outweighs the competition in many ways. For example, some celluloid picks make a clicking sound when picking a string. There is no such sound with a Tortex pick which is an advantage. Celluloid picks can also be slippery and short-wearing in nature; Tortex provides an additional grip and the material is quite durable. The only complaint reported about this plectrum is the wearing off of the print on the pick after extended use.

Custom Tortex Picks – What You Should Know?

Dunlop Tortex is the top brand of customizable picks. It is often given away by musicians at concerts. Most brands and businesses associated with music choose to customize these picks for promotion and giveaways. As they come in a variety of thickness options and are color-coded, you can easily get your logo and message printed on them to get customized gifts and tokens. The company offers an affordable custom-printing service to create your custom guitar pick with the world-famous brand. You can choose from block print, logo hot stamp, multi-color digital logo, or pad printing. All of which are priced differently based on their output quality.

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The Dunlop Tortex picks are famous among bands across varied music styles, genres, and times for the durability and reliability they offer. With such a large variety of shapes, thicknesses, and designs to choose from and the color-coded system they come with, this brand has become a preferred option for players looking for an all-around pick that complements their technique and playability.

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