How to Get a Pick Out of a Guitar Without Harming The Guitar

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Acoustic guitarists have to deal with challenges that electric guitarists don’t know about. Not the least of which is the frustration and torment of getting a loose object out from inside an acoustic guitar. Picks, coins, and other objects can fall into the soundhole of a guitar when least expected, and can even damage the guitar if they’re not removed quickly or carefully. Here’s how to get a pick or any other object out of a guitar without harming it.

Don’t Immediately Start Shaking The Guitar

Depending on the size and shape of the object, shaking the guitar might damage the inside of the guitar, which is obviously quite bad. Whether the bindings, linings, or electronics, if it’s an acoustic-electric. You’ll want to move the object as little as possible. If it’s something like a thin pick that you’re sure won’t hurt the guitar by flying around, shake gently. But if it’s a thick guitar pick, or anything with a bit of weight, be more cautious. Anyways, you’ll have more control over the object and you’ll get it out much faster than if you just start shaking the guitar back and forth violently.

A Guitar Pick Next To A Guitar's Sound Hole
There’s nothing scarier than seeing a guitar pick this close to the soundhole

If The Guitar Has Electronics, Take The Electronics Out

This will usually give you a window into the inside of the guitar. Removing the electronics is easy on most acoustic guitars, and is actually necessary when you need to switch out many batteries. By temporarily pulling the electronics, you’ll avoid the risk of the object damaging the wiring, and of course, you’ll have another open spot for the object to come out of. Try to get a visual of the object and where it is inside the acoustic guitar.

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Loosen The Strings

This will let you try to grab the object through the sound hole of the guitar. You don’t want to completely remove the strings, because acoustic guitar necks are built to always have tension, and suddenly removing that tension’s not usually the best idea. You can hold half or all of the strings to the side by loosening the string tension quite a bit on the side of the object.

A Guitar Without Strings
There’s no need to remove the strings to get a pick out of the sound hole, loosening them will be enough

Tilt The Guitar Towards The Easiest Place to Catch The Object.

Put your hand in the guitar, either through the soundhole or through the electronics, and tilt the guitar so that the object falls straight into your hand. This shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve already sighted the object and you know where it is inside the guitar. Once you’ve removed the object, place the electronics back, then re-tighten your acoustic guitar’s strings.

Do you have any other tips for getting a small object out of an acoustic guitar? Post in our comments section below.

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  1. A fairly long, thin, dowel, with either double sided tape, or a small loop of regular tape. I like painters, or masking tape as it won’t hurt the finish of your instrument 🎸

    • I taught guitar to kids and found everything from picks to captain crunch. Easiest way I found to get it out is get gently bounce the object til it’s sitting on the label beneath the soundhole. Then one quick spin and the object falls right out.


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