D’Addario Acrylux Reso And Acrylux Nitra Review

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Acrylic guitar picks are nothing new but are usually made by pick makers on the more ’boutique’ side, such as V Picks, Gravity Picks, Honey Picks, or others. As far as I know, D’Addario is the biggest manufacturer that uses Acrylic to make picks, their Acrylux line.

D'Addario Acrylux Reso and Acrylux Nitra Guitar Picks
D’Addario Acrylux Reso and Acrylux Nitra Guitar Picks

The Acrylux Picks I’m Reviewing Today

Today I’m going to review these 4 Acrylux picks by D’Adarrio:

  • Acrylux Reso: Standard and Jazz Sapes in 1.5mm
  • Acrylux Nitra: Standard and Jazz Sapes in 1.5mm

How Do D’Addario Acrylux Picks Sound?

Even though they are both made mostly of Acrylic, they sound different. They both have some characteristics that are consistent with other Acrylic picks, but despite that, it’s very easy to distinguish between them.

Acrylux Reso is bright, punchy, and very loud, and Acrylux Nitra is the calmer version of it. It’s warmer, a bit quieter, and a tad rounder. Both excel in clarity, even more than I thought they would.

Another contributor to the tone of each pick is its shape. The difference between the standard pick to the jazz is huge. While the standard can be played with its tip or with its shoulders (thanks to the bevel that surrounds the pick from all directions), none of them comes close to the sharpness of the Jazz tip.

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D'Addario Acrylux Shapes Standard and Jazz
D’Addario Acrylux Shapes: Standard and Jazz

What Are Acrylux Picks Made Of?

As the name suggests, Acrylux Reso is made of regular Acrylic. It provides a clear, bright, and loud tone. Acrylux Nitra, on the other hand, is made of a mix of Acrylic and Nitrate. It makes it sound a lot warmer, and grips to the fingers even better than plain Acrylic. D’Addario’s Acrylux line is available in one gauge, 1.5mm, which is quite fitting to what these picks have to offer.

How Do They Feel?

The type of bevels these picks have allows them to glide pretty fast, whether you hold them parallel or diagonal to the strings.

The bevels of D'Addario Acrylux Picks
The bevels of D’Addario Acrylux Picks

Acrylic is a very grippy material in its own right, so the Reso picks grips very well. Nitra, thanks to the hybrid of Acrylic and Nitrate, is even grippier and almost sticks to the fingers. They feel different than any other material I’ve played. I’ll go further and say that the Nitra picks are so grippy that they even take some of the pressure off the hand.

One thing about Acrylic you should know is that after a few minutes of aggressive play, it tends to drag the strings. If you are like me, picking very gently, it doesn’t happen.

Available Shapes

We all know that a guitar pick shape can make or break your playing experience. So D’Addario is making their Acrylux picks in three different shapes:

  • Jazz – With the sharpest tip
  • Standard – A playing tip with medium roundness
  • Mandolin – The roundest playing tip

Pricing And Where To Get D’Adaario Acrylux Picks From?

A pack of three Acrylux picks (either Reso or Nitra) will cost $11.99. This may sound expensive at first, but this is very affordable compared to other Acrylic guitar picks.

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If you are from the US, UK, or Australia, you can buy them from D’Addario’s website. Otherwise, they are also available on Amazon.

Finishing Thoughts

Before I had them, I thought that they could be a nice introductory pick for players who want to experiment with Acrylic picks. Very fast, I found that they hold their own and are extremely capable picks in their own right. Even if you, like me, have many other Acrylic picks to choose from. Not many Acrylic picks are available in 1.5mm, and even fewer in this price range. So if you’re on the fence, give these a try – you won’t regret it.


Some of the picks in this review were sent to me by D’Addario. I’m a long-time fan of D’Addario’s products, so I reached out and asked them to send me a few of their picks that I couldn’t get by myself, as they’re not available where I live. This fact didn’t change the way I reviewed them.

D'Addario Acrylux Review

7.8 Highly Recommended

They sound great and consistent. Both materials are well thought out and complement each other very well. The grip is great on both materials but better on Nitra. They are as durable as the materials allow, but the bevel creates a very low-resistant picking experience that increases the picks' lifespan. At $4 (or less) per pick, this is a no-brainer.

  • Sound 8
  • Grip 8
  • Durability 7
  • Price 8

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