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The Black Ice guitar picks by D’Addario never got the attention I think they deserve, and I never understood why. So today, I decided to spotlight one of my favorites, and I hope you give it a fair shot, too.

It’s no secret that D’Addario is one of my favorite companies. Every single thing they make is great, including strings, guitar gadgets (such as the O-Port, for example), and guitar picks, too. Not everything they make is my personal favorite, but it’s very hard to find a low-quality product of theirs.

A wooden hand holding D'Addario Black Ice guitar pick 1.10mm
Taking this picture took a lot longer than it should have taken

What’s D’Addario Black Ice Guitar Pick Made of?

These picks are made of Duralin, which is D’Addario’s name for Delrin. Delrin picks are more durable than Celluloid or Nylon but less than Acrylic, Ultem, or other high-performance plastics. There are some ways you can make them last longer, but applying the same technique to other types of guitar picks will keep the proportion of durability between them the same.

How Does the Black Ice Pick Sound?

Being made of Duralin (or Delrin), Black Ice picks sound warm, but they lack clarity, especially since they are matte finished. They won’t sound foreign because you most likely played some Delrin picks before (Tortex is basically Delrin, too), so the sound won’t surprise you.

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One thing I particularly like about these picks is their bright and smooth click. It results from the movement of the matte bevel on the strings.

In Which Gauges Does It Come?

D’Addario Black Ice picks are available in four gauges: Light (0.55mm), Medium (0.8mm), Heavy (1.1mm), and Extra Heavy (1.5mm). Different gauges will affect both tone and playability. Thinner picks will usually suit strumming better, and thicker picks will suit playing riffs and lead.

D'Addario Black Ice Guitar Picks in All Gauges
D’Addario Black Ice Guitar Picks in All Gauges

D’Addario Black Ice vs Jazz III

the main difference between D’Addario Black Ice and the Jazz III pick is the size. Even though it looks like a small difference, Black Ice is slightly bigger than Jazz III. It gives you a larger area to grip and more control over the articulation.

Another difference is the gauge. Jazz III is 1.38mm thick, and even though Black Ice is available in four different gauges, the closest it gets is 1.5mm. It may not sound like such a big difference, but it’s very noticeable.

How Much Do they Cost?

Like many guitar picks in the market, these are too, sold in packs of 10. Each pack costs between $5.60 to $5.99, depending on the gauge, and there’s a “volume discount” if you go for packs of 25 or 100 picks.

A 10 pack of light gauge picks (0.55mm) costs $5.60, Medium (0.8mm) costs $5.99, Heavy (1.1mm) costs $5.99, and Extra heavy (1.5mm) costs $5.80. Not too bad, if you ask me.

D'Addario Black Ice Guitar Picks in 1.5mm, 1.1mm, 0.8mm, 0.55mm
D’Addario Black Ice Guitar Picks. Left to right: 1.5mm, 1.1mm, 0.8mm, and 0.55mm thick.

Finishing Thoughts

D’Addario is a great company, and I hope I was able to show you that their Black Ice picks are worth trying. Even if not as your main guitar pick, it most certainly can act as a great Jazz III alternative.

D'Addario Black Ice Guitar Picks Review

7.5 Worth a shot
  • Sound 7
  • Feel 8
  • Durability 6
  • Grip 7.5
  • Price 9

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